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Fremont Hills



Fremont, CA



 A 100 unit assisted living facility.  The development includes a central dining facility, central kitchen, lounges, craft rooms, and other support spaces for assisted living services.  A specialized Memory Care Community offers a unique opportunity for residents with Alzheimer’s or related dementia.  The project is built into a hillside, creating three tiered residential levels, as well as providing two levels of outdoor courtyard space.  The entire facility is organized around a two-level courtyard that contains a water feature, patios, garden areas, and multi-leveled decks that connect to the public spaces at the interior.  The upper deck connects directly to the main dining hall through a 24’ movable glass wall that can be opened completely to connect the two spaces.  The lower patio connects directly to the lower dining room and residential kitchen space that will house cooking lessons and other activities. The courtyard scheme also provides a clear organizational concept easily understood by residents and employees.



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