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Aldea Community Center



San Francisco, CA



A new community center within a student housing neighborhood off the Parnassus campus of the University of California, San Francisco.  This modern, two-story, wood-framed building contains 2,500 square feet of indoor inhabitable space.  The multi-use space is to be used for a variety of gathering events by tenants of the Aldea San Miguel Residential Complex, the community neighbors and the University.  The open indoor space allows for flexibility of functions and provides expansive views to the surrounding nature.  The design won LEED Gold Certification and exceeds the State's Title 24 energy requirements by 20%.  Attention to thermal insulation, passive lighting and ventilation, low energy consumption and energy efficiency through the use of photovoltaic roof panels, lighting design, water efficiency, and environmentally friendly materials and resources were critical in obtaining these goals.



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