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Beijing Olympic Stadium

(Kodama Diseño with Tianjin Architects)



Beijing, China



In 2003 we were the Managing Architect of a design team of American and Chinese architects who were one of only 13 out of 280 applicant teams to compete for the design of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium.  Our vision for the National Stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was founded on the concept of Integration.  We created an exciting and carefully modulated spatial experience on the site that is varied in nature and unique in character, and we created an equally unique spectator experience within the Stadium.  It is the literal connectivity of the inside and the outside that defines the experience of our National Stadium design.  The experience of the outdoor environment surrounding the Stadium from the inside, and the ability to experience the excitement and energy of the Games from outside the Stadium contributes to the comprehension of the entire site in a complementary way.  



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