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The Avenue



San Francisco, CA



This new, 9-story development provides varying levels of senior residential care, including supportive independent living, assisted living, dementia care, and respite care.  The project contains 120 studio units with bathrooms and kitchenettes.  The project is a HUD 232 development within a San Francisco Redevelopment Area and provides affordable housing to a percentage of the residents.  The ground floor contains two retail spaces as well as project management spaces.  The second and third floors offer more intensive levels of care for those seniors who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, while the fourth, and sixth through ninth floors contain supportive independent living and assisted living units.  The fifth floor serves as the heart of the community, containing a drawing room with fireplace, café, public dining room, private dining room, commercial kitchen, sun room, outdoor patio, a computer lab, multi-purpose room for fitness and recreation classes, a beauty salon, a spa, and offices.



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