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Upland Senior Community



Upland, CA 



A Senior Complex consisting of a 13,588 sq. ft. senior center and a 130 unit affordable senior apartment project designed and constructed as a single complex to accommodate the City's growing senior population, eliminate urban blight, and increase foot traffic in the Town Center located one block away.  Employing a comprehensive community involvement process, the design reflects the senior community's input and incorporates design features echoing the architectural character of the surrounding historic neighborhood.  The senior center contains a dining/multi-purpose room, lounge, library, TV room, game room, billiard room, exercise and dance room, art and crafts room, and a classroom, and provides a wealth of senior programs and services.  As part of the housing development, two interior courtyards are provided for residents with quiet garden areas as well as recreational space.  The five residential buildings are connected by covered walkways so as to facilitate visiting and access to the senior center.



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